Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camping at RV Renovators

We pulled into RV Renovators on Tuesday about 1 PM after an easy ride up I-10 from Picacho Peak.  Other than a last minute – but very safe – lane change to transition from I-10 to I-60 to Mesa instead of Phoenix, all went smoothly. Darn these Phoenix freeways!  Between lack of adequate signage and the ongoing construction it sure makes driving a 40 foot RV and towing a Jeep a challenge.

We gave Cinda a big hug and got settled into the back yard of the service area.  We picked up the key to the gate and left for dinner and some shopping.

We had noticed the counter top in back of the stove had begun to separate from the back splash and the gap was over 1/2 inch.  2011-03-16_07-32-45_232011-03-16_07-33-01_19

RV Renovators are good at these kinds of repairs and gave us a price of 5 hours labor.  Ouch!  We decided to go ahead with the repairs as the slide had already started dragging on the floor as it slid in and out. 

When we got back from shopping, I played on the computer and Tom emptied everything out of the cupboards and removed the drawers from the kitchen.


Yesterday we woke up early in anticipation of the work crew’s arrival. The work started on the slide lock first. The cover over the locking mechanism was removed by popping off the rivets.  That latch should be down when the slide is out, not up. It would tear a hole in the side of the rig if left like this.


The locking blade was bent and twisted.  Our technician, Bill, removed it and straightened it out then reattached the cover with new rivets.   That took a while and in the mean time, Billy, our other tech, & Curtis moved into the rig to start the repairs on the drooping counter in the kitchen. 


We had a real interesting show out the front window. Sorry about the glare.


The Dynasty parked in front of us had a serious water leak that damaged the floor and the owners decided on changing the carpet to wood flooring as a part of the repairs.  This involved removing the slide. Removing a slide, we found out,  involved a fork lift, several guys on the inside and several on the outside. The flooring looks real good. They even removed the tile and replace it with the wood flooring.

We stayed in the rig all day and watched the ‘repair show’  both in and out of our RV.  At 5:30 we left for dinner, unlocked the front gate, and drove about 1/2 mile to a local Mexican restaurant. This was a local’s only favorite restaurant with authentic Jalisco type menu. It was very good. I had tomatillo green sauce on cheese enchiladas and Tom had a shredded beef Torta.  We had so much food we both brought a take-out box home.

After dinner we bought a pair of reading glasses for Tom as he decided after looking at his new prescription, the only thing he needed was glasses for reading. We also bought the hanger for around his neck so he won’t loose them.

Now, Billy and his supervisor are adjusting the roller under the kitchen slide and we should be done.  We will have our propane tank filled, wait for the delivery on the new Droid today and we are off again heading south to Tucson.

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