Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello from Boulder City, NV

It’s time to start blogging again.  The bar has been set when I see Sharon and Don Del Rosario posting every day.  What’s that about?  So even though I could not be more busy, I am going to do it!  If Nick Russell can post every day, can I have an excuse?  So here goes.

I think I’ll bring you up to date since my last blog, not that you might be interested, but I might need the reminder of what did the month of April look like in 2011. 

Remember when we were in Bisbee we noticed a tick, tick, tick sound coming from the engine area when the rig was in gear. In neutral there was no ticking.  Tom called the Cummins shop in Fresno and were advised to check for any flammable materials near the exhaust manifold.  Fire was the most serious result of a possible manifold leak.  We’ve seen the pictures of RV’s that has gone up in flames. And our daughter, Jennifer, who works for the American Red Cross has gone to many a fire that has destroyed mobile homes.  She says they go up in minutes. Mac the Fire Guy says the same thing.  So we decided to have it looked at before we drove all the way to Fresno.  We had a great time with old friends, Cool Judy and Luke Rinehimer;


new friends, Karen Harden a long haul trucker that we met in the lounge and had dinner with; and family, Robyn and Mike Capacino.  We were kept busy while the work was being done, and I have to mention VERY well done by a professional team at Cummins.  We would definitely recommend this repair service.

On our way back to Fresno we spent a couple of nights in the Indio Elks with Cool Judy and Luke then it was on to Fresno for grandson Logan’s baseball game.


He is an awesome catcher and hitter so we were excited to see him hit a triple with 3 RBI’s.


Grandson Ryan turned 3 and the family all joined the celebration at the local Me and Ed’s Pizza.  It was quite a homecoming full of family activities.

We were visited by the del Rosarios, who parked nose to nose in our driveway.

 DSC04066 DSC04069

That was 75 feet of RV’s that looked pretty cool.  We took them to one of our favorite local restaurants, The old Sante Fe Basque across the street from the newly restored Sante Fe Depot. 

Moving on… some of the highlights of our time home was going to church where it did not seem like 3 months had passed since seeing our old friends, unusual weather even for Fresno


(hail on our car),


and the replacing of the pump in our well.

Our time in Fresno passed so quickly.  I replaced 3 computers, transferring all programs and files, and setting them up on the network for the SPCA.  Moving everything to Windows7-64 bit was a challenge for some of the older programs used by the shelter. This took the better part of a week. Getting all paper work ready for son-in-law, Greg, to do our Income Tax also took the better part of a week. We bought a new area rug for the RV and a new leather recliner for Tom.  Jenny & I spent 3 days in Stockton, CA, working at a Child Abduction Prevention Workshop.

Three weeks had passed and it seemed like we had just arrived back in Fresno.    We went to Norm Minson’s retirement party on last Friday and picked up Mom on Saturday morning and drove to the Garden Grove Elks.


We were joining Jennifer for another fireworks show in Cerritos.  Jenny took Mom to Disneyland on Sunday.  They road all the wild rides and Mom said she had not had this much fun in five years.  I guess when you’re almost 90, just had knee replacement surgery 2 months earlier, it is time to celebrate life at Disneyland.

While Mom and Jenny were at Disneyland we drove down to Indio where they joined us later that night.  Jenny was working to break down the Country Western Mega-show, Stage Coach, so we took Mom on a tour of some of our favorite sites in Salton Sea and Indio.  We met Jenny at Shields’ Date Garden for date shakes and they left for Fresno.  We left on Tuesday for Boulder City.  The Elks Lodge was full so we checked in early at the Lake Mead RV Village.  As we were booking for 6 days and the 7th is free, we will be here until Tuesday.

Today, we were joined by Golden Spikers, Halls and the Carnes, and we got a nice surprise when we were visited by Boomers, Donna Huffer and Bob Parker who are parked in the next campground.  It is a small world when you live in a “box on wheels”. 

Tomorrow the rest of the Golden Spike Rally group arrive and the fun begins.


  1. A great review, Barb! Believe me, blogging gets easier when you do it more often. Still a challenge to sit down and focus when you're so busy doing things, though. Thanks for the update and I'm glad I helped inspire you.

  2. loved getting together yesterday and getting caught up with each other's lives. Still plan to meet at Lindo Michoacan, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas


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