Monday, June 20, 2011

Following the Flood–Part I

When we were in North Platte we knew there was a lot of water flowing in the rivers and streams. When we drove across Nebraska and into Missouri we started to see flooding on the Missouri River. We are seeing reports that these flooding conditions will be lasting through the summer. These are a few of the pictures we took as we crossed flooded roads.
Yesterday there was about 6 inches of water across the highway, I-29 here. The Highway Patrol was monitoring this situation. It is now closed.


 This is where we turned around as I-29 was closed down to Brownville, about 25 miles. Notice the 10-15 foot berms built to protect the businesses.

We decided to stop in St Joseph, MO, for 2 nights before getting into Lees Summit outside Kansas City as the weather was pretty bad around K.C.
We toured the river front today and this is the condition of the Missouri. Flood stage is 19 feet. The river is at 24’ today and rising. You can see the stairs that lead to the lower viewing platform that are now under water. The river is flowing real fast.

Another view of the viewing platform. There is only a thin yellow caution tape to keep people from the flooded area.

St. Joseph Riverfront - 2011

 This is the same area 3 years ago when we last visited St Joes. The strange part of this picture is that the river was then at flood stage and people were restricted from going down to this area. I guess they think people are now smart enough to stay away from danger. It really does look lots more dangerous this year.
St Joseph Riverfront - 2008

More about our travels along this stretch of the highway next time. We have gotten several caches, too, but more about that next time.
For now we will be Caching on the Road, Barbara, Tom and Pansy

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