Friday, December 2, 2011

Fresno Foggy Days

Not much happening around Fresno these foggy days.  Well, today is not as foggy as it was a couple of days ago as we had WINDS yesterday. I thought once we left the Midwest we were done with the slide toppers blowing and the ‘homestead’ rocking, but I was wrong.  When that 50 MPH wind hit in the middle of the night two nights ago I thought someone was breaking in; then I remembered the local TV weather report to expect strong winds.  Luckily we are parked next to the garage/shop in our old driveway and somewhat sheltered from the buffeting. There were many trees and power lines down around Fresno and Clovis, but we were not affected.  That is one good thing about being self contained… if we loose power we can just start the generator and we are good to go. 

We have, however, been busy since coming back from the coast last month.  One of the projects Tom has been tackling is helping granddaughter, Julie, get ready for the Santa’s Workshop so he has been out in the shop collecting little tools that look like Santa’s elves might have used them.


Julie had asked Grandpa Tom to help Santa make some toys.  So after days and days of cutting, painting, sawing, and detailing the toys were done.  The animal circus train and Alfred the Duck were finally done just in time for the grand opening of Santa's Workshop at Fresno's River Park Shopping Center.


And here they are in Santa’s Workshop.

CIMG0027Santas Toys

Then on Black Friday we went to see Santa fly in at River Park in a helicopter. Unfortunately, this was one of Fresno’s foggy day so Santa had to come in a fire truck. There were a lot of kids, police on horseback and one big fire truck at the festivities. 

2011-11-24_16-26-48_694We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  Funny how things work out.  We came back to Fresno for the Holidays and the first ‘big’ one was Turkey day.  Mom and daughter, Jennifer, went to my sister, Janet’s, in Oregon.  Son, Jason, and family went to Bakersfield.  SIL, Greg and granddaughter, Jamie, went to Greg’s parents.  So we were invited to go with granddaughter, Julie, to her boy friend Claudio’s family’s holiday celebration.  This was to be a Mexican Thanksgiving celebration.  I don’t know what we expected, but the volume of food for the 9 of us around the table was more than abundant.  The menu went like this: a 24 lb. stuffed turkey, a 20 lb. ham, mashed potatoes, riced potatoes, gravy, corn, corn bread, muffins, cranberry relish and cranberry sauce, wine and sparkling cranberry cider. WHEW! I guess Claudio's family celebrates just like we do just on a larger scale.

Then came desert… 12 pies to choose from.


We were warmly welcomed by the Garcia Family and felt just like one of the family. We even were able to join in the Skype with Claudio’s brother and sister in New York City.  It was a great Thanksgiving with our new and expanding family.

The other activity that has kept us busy since coming back has been Geocaching.  We went to the 11-11-11 event at Marie Calendars and met lots of new (to us) cachers.  Julie and Claudio also attended with us and Julie announced her Path Tag designing  service.  She has designed our Path Tags, and the Escapee Geocacher tags as well as her own.  If any of our readers would like to contact Julie for a Path Tag design this is the link.  We also placed a cache right in front of the house.  It is a D-3, T-1 1/2.  Check it out here as it is a doozie!  We call it Eastside Connection. For our geocacher friends who will not be looking for this cache in Fresno, this is the spoiler

That’s just about all the news I can remember for now.

We will be be, to quote another blogger we read, whimsically irregular bloggers while in Fresno. If you subscribe you will be notified by email when we post, or subscribe with your gReader on your android.
Until we are On the Road Again, we will be Caching Places We've Never Been.

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