Monday, March 19, 2012

On the road again, almost

We have had all repairs made at Cummins. In fact they were done by 11 a.m. Saturday, St Patrick’s Day. We decided to sit out the impending storm at Camp Cummins at the invitation of the generous Service Staff.  We could not be happier with the service here. 

Our St. Patrick’s Day started at 5 a.m. to get ready for the service to begin at 6 a.m.  Tom put a little levity in the day reminding us of the small Irish ancestry of the Westerfield/Clayton Clan.



We sure enjoyed the comments on Facebook to the picture, especially the one by cousin, Ellen, who said, “I’m almost speechless – he managed to get the hippy tie-die and St. Paddy’s all together.  Well done cousin of mine!”

Boy, did we get a laugh out of that.


We went up to the very nice waiting room on the second floor of the Cummins’ offices and were offered breakfast sandwiches, again free food compliments of the generous staff.  After all was said and done we got a 15% break on the bill. The repairs were very thorough including steam cleaning the engine, draining and refilling the coolant, replacing the actuator and the pump.  Tom checked on the readout on the engine computer and found there never was a ‘code’ thrown, only our visual symptoms determined the start of the trouble – Monday.  We will see what Good Sam will eventually do about covering –part or in full – the bill.

In the afternoon we did laundry at the nearby truck stop that the Cummins people recommended and it was clean, inexpensive with comfy chairs so we read our Kindles. Nice day.  We went to a new-to-us Hawaiian restaurant and had a delicious lunch, me – fish tacos, Tom – chicken salad.  Both very different from anything we have had before. We then retired back to the RV just in time for the storm to hit.  Winds, rain, and more rain.  We went to bed early.

Yesterday we went to the Phoenix Friends’ Church where we have gone when we are in the area.  The congregation always makes us feel welcome and we are always remembered.  The pastor that married us, Ernest Thompson, was also the pastor at Phoenix Friends after he left Fresno Friends.  One of the ladies that greeted us was also married by Ernest.  It never ceases to amaze me what a very small world it is.  As it happens, Pastor Steve, preached yesterday on the “P'”, our personality, in  S.H.A.P.E., a series that our Fresno Friends Church went through a couple of years ago.  And everyone asked about Larry Kinser, so we said we’d say Hi.  “Hi Larry”.   Again, small world.

Update on our South Dakota license plates… our plates for the RV came in and our Jeep, “DA TOAD” is now being pulled by the RV called “DA PAD”.  The RV will now be known as “Lilly”.


That’s all for now.


Pansy’s ready to hit the road, again, we’ll be caching places that we’ve never been.

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