Thursday, August 2, 2012

On to Teddy Roosevelt country

We left Lewistown and our Golden Spike group on Monday morning.  Boy did we generate a lot of garbage in just one day!


We intended to drive straight through to Bismarck, ND, but by about 300 miles, Tom said he was ready to call it a day.  We were very near the off ramp to Madora, ND, so I called the RV Park and reserved a space. 


It was a nice park, but at $35 a night we felt it was pretty pricey.  This is the only place to park if you want to visit Madora.  We remember staying here with the kids in the 70’s in a 8 foot overhead camper – 2 kids – 2 dogs – beans and jeans and it didn’t even feel crowded.  I guess when we were young and poor, we appreciated the simple life.  It started our love of traveling and seeing the country.  Madora and the Theodore Roosevelt NP also holds a special place in our hearts as we both graduated from Roosevelt High School in Fresno. Our first outing was to the Roosevelt NP and the cabin that Teddy Roosevelt  lived in on his ranch. It was moved to this location after many tours including a stop at the 200th anniversary of the Corp of Discovery in St. Lewis.

We visited the museum at the National Park before driving through the park. 

As we were leaving the museum this little guy was running back and forth in the parking lot.  We think it is a Marmot.


We took a drive through the park and it was the highlight of our day.  We were so glad Tom said he was ready to call it a day.




After all day in the park we drove into Medora for dinner.  After checking the menu at the Roosevelt Hotel and discovering our meal would be a 30 minute wait and and the average dinner was $50 each, we walked across the street and ordered a pizza to go.

It started to sprinkle as we left the Pizza restaurant and this is what we saw.  It had threatened to rain all day, but didn’t. It was a good day.


It was pretty darn good to be back in DA PAD and a relaxing evening watching TV and listening to the rain on the roof.  Next, on to Bismarck.

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