Thursday, September 13, 2012

3 weeks on the road-an overview.

Yes, it has been 3 weeks since our last post and there is no way I could bore you with the details of three weeks travels. So, this will be an overview, just the highlights of our stays in Elkhart, IN; Indianapolis, IN; and Celina, OH.
We caught up with Nick and Terry Russell after seeing them at the Western Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma, AZ, at the Elkhart RV Campground.  Several of our RV friends , Brenda & Ron Speidel, Chris and Charles Yust were there also. And we had a 70th birthday party – nooooo, not for me – for Al Hesselbart.  Of course there was food, lies, laughter, and lots of catching up.
One highlight of our time in Elkhart was the Flower Quilt Heritage Trail.  We probably saw more Amish in their cute buggies than we have ever seen in one day.

And naturally we went to dinner several times with the ‘Russell Gang"’; Chinese, Italian, and Mexican cuisine.  All was delicious.

We did start the repairs on the slide topper while in Elkhart. I stitched the hem with dental floss because the thread had deteriorated in the topper. 

Tom bought another end unit that had just worn out and we still have to reset the spring in the roller, install the cover fabric, and then remount it on the RV.

We left Elkhart for Indianapolis and the Family Motor Coach Assoc. – FMCA.  Tom represented the Golden Spike Chapter of FMCA at the Director’s Meeting, an all day affair. Boy did he want softer chairs.
One of the highlights of our attendance at FMCA was my assistance with the Smart Phone Session put on by Chris and Jim Guld, Geeks on Tour.  It was a fun experience.
While at FMCA we walked through many new RV’s, Foretravels, Winnebago's, Phatons, and Holiday Ramblers.  We did not see one that is as comfortable and homey as DA PAD.
Another highlight was the entertainment the last evening, The Dutton’s from Branson.  We had seen them when in Branson 2 months ago and enjoyed them again.  We met our geocaching friend, Margie Rogers, Gooseygal, and sat with her this night. 
We did have one unfortunate incident when our Jeep, DA TOAD, died in 5 o’clock traffic on a very busy street.  We sat for about 45 minutes while waiting for a CoachNet dispatched tow truck when a very nice driver stopped and helped Tom push DA TOAD out of traffic.  Our friend, Quentin Swan, who was also attending FMCA, came with some oil to top off the crankcase.  Finally, DA TOAD started.  We called off the tow truck, drove back to the fairgrounds, and it has run just fine ever since.
When in Indianapolis, we got a lot of rain.  We were parked on the grass next to a huge mud hole.  We pulled out without any trouble; it just looked like a war zone and DA TOAD wore this mud for many miles.
We left for Celina and the Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally.  This turned out to be Nick and Terry Russell’s last rally and we were glad we made this event.  We had several duties throughout the rally:  we had the responsibility for setting up the Audio Visual equipment and 2 of the session rooms.  I did 5 sessions, 3 on geocaching, 2 on smart phones.  We set out 10 geocaches around the fairgrounds.  I helped Terry Russell with some of the registration printing: name tags, walk-in tags, signs, etc.  I love working with this hardworking gracious lady.  Another responsibility that I have is caring for Nick Russell’s Smart Phone.  After calling Verizon on 2 different days we finally got another phone sent to Celina.  I got most of Nick’s apps set up in folders and hopefully all goes well. But I can’t complain if it doesn’t because that means I will be talking to Nick again soon. Open-mouthed smile
Nick’s rally is always fun. There is lots of very informational sessions, great entertainment from “One More Time”, the infamous Buckeye Beauty Contest and lots of door prizes.
Even Nick and Terry got prizes at this rally.
These are some of the highlights of the Rally. 
The panel of RV experts answers any and all questions.
One More Time entertained us with Show Tunes and impersonations of Sinatra, Streisand, and Cher.

The Buckeye Beauties were unbelievably gorgeous… NOT.
We were helped with our geocaching sessions by Margie, Gooseygal.
A MAJOR highlight for me was when our ticket was drawn for one of the many door prizes and we won a Kindle.  Since Tom has his… this was MINE!  I am already enjoying reading books on this wonder-reader.
After the rally 24 of us went to dinner.  Stu McNickel gave Nick some really funny gifts for the non-techie: an etch-a-sketch, pencils, post-its, etc. all substitutes for the cell phone, computer, text messaging, e-mail and things like that. 
We had a delicious dinner and wonderful fellowship despite the serious looks on all faces except “Froggie” Donna’s on the right.
After most everyone was gone, I worked on a couple of computers of fellow rally-goers, Pete and Jo Peters.  Finally we were sad to see Greg and Jan, and Terry and Nick drive out of the fairgrounds.  We will see them “down the road”.
Our last day in Celina was spent reorganizing one of our bays.  It was a big job but someone had to do it and we did!  It looks good, is much lighter, and now Tom can find his tools and equipment.
We also did wash which we had not done in exactly 30 days! We either had to do wash or buy more underwear (which we have had to do twice in our travels). Smile with tongue out
We pulled out Tuesday this week and are on our way to the Escapade Rally in Sedalia, MO.

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