Friday, October 26, 2012

Wrapping up Tucumcari

First, let me say we have left Tucumcari and have headed west.  We were there from October 1 to October 18.  We had a couple of very frustrating and tearful days, but for the most part we were blessed with meeting some good friends, meeting up with some old friends, and caching places that we’ve never been.  These are some of our favorite memories:

Boredom in the Motel


New and old friends.

We did have some fun times eating and geocaching.  On Friday, the 15th, on the recommendation of Rich and Frances, we went to lunch at the Watson’s Bar-B-Que.  This is the twice a week restaurant next door to the amazing eclectic Tucumcari Farm Equipment Supply, both owned by Jim and Stella Watson.

While eating our deeelicious lunch we looked out the window and saw A BUZZARD.  We walked outside and spotted 2 more buzzards. Now Tom’s Indian Guide name when he was the YMCA Longhouse chief was Big Buzzard. Jenny was Little Bird and Jason was Road Runner.  When we saw that Buzzard we knew we had to place a cache there.  We check with owners, Jimmy and Stella Watson and they were so excited to have a cache at their store and to learn about caching.  We were fast friends and were on each other’s Facebook within hours.  That cache has now been found 3 times; the first to find was a local insurance lady that the Watson’s didn’t even know was an avid cacher.  We were beginning to love Tucumcari.

While in Tucumcari we were invited to join Richard and Frances and Robby and Carol at the Mesaland’s Rodeo.  This is a Junior College competition and quite highly rated.  There were cowboys and cowgirls from as far away as Australia. These are some of the exciting moments at the rodeo.  I am happy to announce the bulls, calves, and bucking broncos won.

I even have a T-shirt that Tom caught when they were chucking shirts to the crowd.


One of the most interesting thing we discovered in Tucumcari was the painted walls.  Remember the old pool at 5 Mile Park in the last Blog?  Well, it is found in a couple of Wall Paintings.

We decided on our last day to see as many of the Painted Wall that we could. We ran out of time, but here are some of the best.

That has been our time in Tucumcari. We missed the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta but there will be another Fiesta. I doubt we would ever have stayed in Tucumcari a half a month were it not for our break down.  In hind sight it was a blessing. I think we have learned to slow down, when handed lemons… make lemonade, and to be thankful for every day we have on the road regardless of if it is our plan or not. 

So we will be on the road again caching places that we’ve never been.

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