Sunday, May 4, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

I guess it is time to get back to Blogging. We have taken a long vacation from that activity although we have been very, very busy with the Event of the Year, granddaughter Julie’s wedding. There were showers (2), the wedding, the reception.  There was also the writing and rehearsing of the wedding ceremony performed by Tom, now affectionately known as the Rev. Tom, the setting up and decorating the beautiful Dellavalle yard, and the massive organizing and cooking for the reception. Every moment was a joy. Everything went so well and it will be remembered forever. I’ll share just a few of the hundreds, and hundreds of pictures taken by the official photographer and some from the the site where so many of the wedding party and guests posted their candid pictures.

We got back to Fresno just in time for Julie’s first shower held at our Friends Community Church.

We had fun eating, talking about Julie and Claudio’s long romance, and then Julie opened presents.

P1160354After all the presents were opened, Jenny made a bouquet out of the ribbons and wrapping paper for Julie to use at the wedding rehearsal.

This was shower #1. The following weekend was shower #2 put on by Julie’s Maid of Honor, Christy.  Julie and Christy have been friends since they were 5 years old when Christy moved next door to us and across the street from Julie. They have been best buddies ever since.


This next shower was for friends and family and was held at Jenny’s house. Christy did a great job on the food and games.


The next week we took the motor home to a very nice RV park in Morro Bay, Rancho Colina. We probably got the prettiest site in the park.


The park was only 5 minutes from where Julie and Claudio were to be married. We took Mom with us and arrived 2 days before the wedding. Most of our time was spent modifying and rehearsing the wedding ceremony.  Friday was the rehearsal so most of the wedding party was there. Tom was a little nervous and I think the bride and groom were too. Julie had planned every detail of the wedding. Their theme was all about literature. The wedding was to be held in a quaint small chapel behind a book store on Main Street Morro Bay. All the bouquets were made by Jenny out of pages of classical books. The invitations were designed and made by Julie, Claudio, Jenny and Greg. This was a very intimate and personal wedding; only the bride, groom, 5 bridesmaids, 5 groomsmen, and 12 family members attended. The wedding was video taped and photographed to be shown at the reception held 2 weeks later. These are some of our special memories:

The reception was two weeks later. Jason prepared all the food the night before and Tom, Greg and I finished it the day of the reception. We fed 150 guests salad, rolls, 3 kinds of pasta, Alfredo, Creamy Pesto, and Marinara sauces, chicken, and vegetables. The logistics were a little nerve-racking. Even Greg said in a toast that the next wedding would be catered. The food, audio-visual, toasting, dancing, cupcakes and fellowship was perfect. There were so many wonderful and sometimes tearful moments, it is impossible to capture to totality of this special time, but I hope you get the essence of this joyful occasion. Our next blog will cover some of our stay in Fresno. Unfortunately, not too much caching, but then again not too much on the road either.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Great photos. I look forward to following your adventures. Thanks for the tips on repairing our chairs you shared at the steps 2 years ago.


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