Saturday, October 18, 2014

On the Road Again -- Alone

Well, it's just the two of us (well Pansy actually makes 3) on the road again. Nancy,, has left us and gone back home.  We are heading home too, but with a couple of stops.

We stayed one more day in Gallup before driving north to Durango, CO. We checked into the Fairgrounds and drove to the Durango/Silverton train station to pick up our tickets. I had ordered them online and we wanted to check the location and avoid the long ticket line in the morning.  We knew we had to dress warmly as I had reserved 2 seats in the open air gondola car.  Having ridden excursion trains before, I knew the best pictures are taken from that type of open air car.

We had worked on the crew of the Golden High Hot Air Balloon starting at the very chilly 5:00 a.m. so we were prepare to bundle up. (just a reminder, our travels for the last 6 months have been wonderfully blogged by Nancy mentioned above if any of our readers would like to catch up on our summer/fall travels). I just have to add a few of my own pictures of the special shapes.

Back to the Durango/Silverton Train ride.  It is the time in Colorado when the Aspens turn a beautiful golden, the oaks are turning red, and the Anamas River is cascading down the canyon.

We did arrive 45 minutes late into Silverton because the sanders that deliver sand to the rails in front of the wheels on the engine were malfunctioning so the wheels kept slipping.  It sounded like chug, chug, chug, swish..., chug, chug, chug, swish.... We shopped twice in addition to taking on water for the engine men to try to fix it.   These are just a tiny percentage of pictures I took from the train. I listened to CW McCall on my earphones as we chugged up the canyon.

We had a great time on this all day trip and would recommend it to anyone who loves steam locomotives and riding a rocking narrow gauge rail car.

Today we did laundry and had a great Taco lunch at Tacos Nayarit just at the next corner from the Fairgrounds. Tomorrow we may just go for a couple of geocaches; then again we may just relax and watch our favorite Sunday TV programs. Who knows? We're retired.

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  1. We enjoyed the train trip also, to bad we didn't know each other was at the balloon Fiesta, would of liked to see the both of you. Anyway keep and eye on our blog and we may cross paths again soon.


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