Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If it isn’t one thing it’s the other

We are in Bardstown, KY.  We pulled into the White Acres Campground just a little south of the city center on Monday at 5 pm.  It was quite warm and humid, but our air was  fixed and we were comfortable.  Our first destination was a highly recommended restaurant, Kurtz, but it was Sunday and they are closed on Sunday.  So we went to Kreso’s, an eclectic eatery:  there were Elizabethan pictures as well as Hollywood stars’ pictures on the wall,  white tablecloths and paper napkins, and our ‘entertainment’ was watching the owner sit at a table outside drinking milk and having a lady wash off his feet and legs, presumably to cool off.  The food was pretty good and I brought a crab cake home for breakfast yesterday. 
Yesterday morning we had scrambled eggs, Vidalia onions, and crab cakes for breakfast.  All was going well… we were cool on what was to be a very hot day, 110 heat index.  Then it happened.  No power. No air conditioning. We saw one truck after another pull into the next site over from us and men looking, scratching their heads, making cell phone calls, but no power was forthcoming. 
We, too, started looking at the problem.  It looked like a bird had make a nest in a hole at the top of the pipe about 20 feet in the air.  With the wind and recent storms, apparently the nest was blown down the pipe and shorted out something in the box. 
A neighbor saw an explosion the night before, but the electricity did not go out.  When the electric company was called out they determined the situation was very dangerous and they cut the power.  THEY do not fix burnt boxes and this was a very hot day with lots of other people experiencing electric problems.  After waiting about 2 hours with our RV getting hotter and Pansy now laying low at the end of the bed, we decided to move down another row where the electricity was not affected.  We pulled in the slides, rolled up the rug, moved the chairs, pulled in the awnings, and secured the dishes from breakfast.  It is as much trouble to move 50 feet as it is to move 50 miles.  When we finally got away to go to the Visitor Center it was too late to do too much touristy stuff. 
We went to Kurtz for dinner and they are not open on Mondays, if it isn’t one thing it’s the other.  We went to Suzie Q’s and I had a very nice strawberry, pecan, spinach, feta cheese salad, Tom had hamburger with sauerkraut and thousand island and we both had bread pudding with brandy sauce. (Note to Julie-almost as good as the bread pudding at Six Feet Under, but not quite).
Today we got out early, by our standards - 9:30 am, and had breakfast at Stephen Fosters’ Old Kentucky Home Buffet. We had to be in New Haven by 12:30 as we were going to take a train ride. 
This train runs from New Haven to Boston; Kentucky that is.  While there we met Don, a volunteer for the railroad who sings and does comedy. We chatted a while and then he shared a comedy DVD he had produced and we bought another that benefited the museum. It is just one of the perks of RV’ing… you meet the most interesting people.  While checking our Droids we discovered there was a virtual cache at the museum. Got it!
We were able to see the very diverse hillsides in this blue grass state.  There is grass everywhere and it is mowed whenever it isn’t raining. Acres upon acres of mown lawns.  There are mansions right next door to rusty trailers.  There are beautiful horse ranches next to little yards with goats climbing on lawn furniture.  This is an eclectic state and so beautiful. 
We got back to the station and in the car just before the horrific thunder storm hit New Haven.  We drove back to Bardstown just ahead of the storm and visited the Civil War Museum.
This was voted the 4th best Civil War Museum in the US and we enjoyed it while listening to the thunder crashing and rain pounding the roof of the museum.  We plan on going back tomorrow and see the other 3 museums on museum row.
Once again we drove over to Kurtz for dinner; third time was a charm.  We were seated immediately and the service was prompt and very friendly.  It was a homestyle cooking restaurant that came highly recommended.  We both had flashbacks of Mom’s cooking, pickled beets, green beans with bacon, Tom’s sirloin burger smothered in grilled onions and brown gravy.   I had an amazing vegetarian dinner, baked tomatoes, corn pudding, fried corn bread and stewed apples.  The best veggie meal I have ever eaten!
There is so much to do and see in this area; did I mention that this is Bourbon country?  We will have to take the tours later this week so it looks we will have to extend our stay.  More to come. 
We will be Caching Places That We’ve Never Been, Tom, Barbara and Pansy

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