Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the Road Again and Feeling Cool Again

2011-07-08_16-41-18_124Our air conditioner is at last up and running, putting out air at 50*.  Even though the temp was in the 90’s and humid, we were cool and comfortable thanks to Jay, on the left, and son and owner, Chuck on the right, Wiseman RV Service.  They spent many hours on our project and charged us 4 hours.  Good Sam Insurance only paid 2 hours even though we called and explained that Dometic, the AC manufacturer, recommended how to trouble shoot this problem and it takes well over 4 hours. It took 3 companies to diagnose and finally fix this faulty controller board on the unit.

Don’t ask me why, but we decided to celebrate by going to Red Robin and to see Bad Teacher at the local AMC theater.  I had the most amazing sandwich with a combination of flavors, pesto, balsamic dredged tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, shredded leaf lettuce and chicken on chabatta bread. Tom had a clam strips, fries and my coleslaw. We even had bottomless Sweet Tea and Rootbeer Floats.  To make things even better, Brad, our waiter was great, attentive, friendly and not too hovering.  The movie was funny (a little too much ‘language’) and reminded Tom of some of the faculty he taught with.

Yesterday we were going to leave our RV Park, Red Barn Rendezvius, a beautiful park with very friendly owners, but we had a couple more places we wanted to visit.  We will return to this park when we come back to this area. 

The first adventure was to check out the biggest Catsup bottle in the world. 
Yup, we can now say we’ve “seen that, done that”. This is what RV’ing is all about, right? Open-mouthed smile  We got a couple of geocaches, one easy and one that we used our geosense and got it within 2 minutes. It helped that the cache owner used a ‘container’ that we demonstrate at Nick Russell’s Gypsy Gathering.  Oh, I must mention that I spend some of my hot couple of days under the air conditioner in the bedroom reading Nick Russell’s excellent book, Big Lake,  I highly recommend it.  It is available on Amazon for 99 cents.

Our next adventure was to Sally’s Beauty Supply to get a plastic drape so we can cut each other’s hair.  WHAT!!! is that all about?  I have cut Tom’s hair as well as Jason’s , and son-in-law Greg’s over the years so I felt somewhat comfortable.  And after having given Tom a flat top, I can say it doesn’t look too bad.  On the other hand, Tom has never cut anybody’s hair. I had to chuckle at the way he tried to use scissors against the comb; but after he finished it was not too bad (and the short-flat patch in the back will grow back).  We finished our night with one last trip to Bobby’s.  Saturday night at Bobby’s was a zoo, a throw back to the 50's dragging the main days listening to Johnny Be Good.  Who remembers Stan's Private Line?

This morning we hooked up the Jeep and are now on our way to Bardstown, KY.  We hope to go to Fort Knox, see an historic train museum and maybe do some genealogy work.
Until our next blog, we will be On the Road Again, Caching Places That We’ve Never Been,
Tom, Barbara and Pansy

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  1. Way to go Tom. I have always said the diff. in a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is 2 weeks. And not It believe that it is all attitude. So what if it is a bit diff. It it MY hair ahd who cares. Barb proud of you as well. What is a small spot here or there? I am so glad your AC is working. Enjoy.


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