Friday, August 5, 2011

Food, Falls and Flutes

We arrived at Evangola State Park in Irving, NY on Sunday. This is a beautiful park with huge spaces just about 50 feet from Lake Erie.


As usual we checked our Droids to see what restaurants were nearby and rated at least 4 star.  Aunt Millies fit the bill and the review mentioned reasonable prices. Again, that fits the bill.

We ordered Scalloped Potatoes and Ham-Tom, and BBQ Chicken – Melted Mozzarella  – Blue Cheese Sandwich – me.  Outstanding! Tom said he had never had better. We will definitely be back.


The next day we drove into Buffalo, NY, to visit Niagara Falls.  We decided to splurge and buy the package that lets us visit, hike, and ride anything in the park.  What a great time we had.

The Niagara River rapids were awesome.


The River right at the Horseshoe Falls was incredibly powerful.


Standing in along side the falls, the roar of the water was so loud we could hardly hear each other.


We could see why Niagara Falls is romantic.


We climbed to the base of the American Falls – and wondered why anyone would want to smoke here.


We were pretty soaked but that didn’t deter us, we were on to ride the Maid of the Mist. These are pictures that I took of The Maid (right side of the picture) from the top of Horseshoe Falls.  To protect my camera I took a couple of shots through the blue plastic of my rain coat, but it did not turn out.


We went to the top of the Observations Tower and got some good shots.

The next day we went to the Original Kazoo Factory and bought this cute French Horn for granddaughter, Jamie, since she is an awesome French Horn player.

Before we left town we got a couple of caches and revisited Aunt Millies.  This is our dinner with leftovers that we paid $12.88 for. We actually paid more for less at MickyD’s

Delicious soup Cheddar Chicken and Biscuit  and can you believe the size of the Crisp?

We’ve had a great week and we’ll keep traveling On the Road Again Caching Places that We’ve Never Been, Tom Barbara & Pansy

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