Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Hampshire–Mostly Caching

(Continuing to watch Hurricane Irene in Bangor, Maine.  It looks like it is going to pass us to the west and we will get a little more rain and wind, but not real bad.)

We stayed at another Elks Lodge in Littleton, NH. They are on the honor system, meaning you can donate $10-$15 per night to the lodge if you want; so we did.  We had a very nice 50 amp hookup in a huge parking lot.  We had rain each of the 3 days we stayed.  The funny part of this weather was the rain came in very fast and very heavy, but did not stay very long.  Unfortunately we usually went into a restaurant or the store when it was not raining and when we came out we got totally drenched running to the car.  We finally decided to take an umbrella with us even when it was sunny.


We drove into the small town of Littleton to have a delicious Thai dinner and found a small storm had just come through town and tore up all the flowers in the planters along the street and left lots of hail. The store owners said this had never happened before,


We did some geocaching each day.  There was a category D-5, meaning the hardest in difficulty, although it was a T-1, meaning the easiest terrain.   This was located on a beautiful covered walking bridge over the Ammonoosuc River.  Day 1 we did not find it but enjoyed the view. 





There was an interesting place where a cache was placed called Emandemandem.  We found a cemetery, not the usual cemetery, a horse cemetery.  There were 3 horses buried here, Maud, Mollie, and Maggie.  This was established in 1919 and has been cared for ever since.  What we didn’t find here was the cache.  Darn, 2 DNF’s (did not find’s) in a row!!!  We think the cache at the cemetery was taken as there was not a lot of places to look and all 3 of our GPS’s were within 5 feet of the area where we think it was.  The ‘find’ we think is most important is the interesting history that the local cachers bring us to.


It was suggested that cachers leave a penny and a stone on the graves so we did.

Before we left for Bangor, Maine, finally got a cache. This was a pitiful D1 T1, but it still counts. Confused smile


This a short blog, but 2 in one day is a record for us.

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