Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back to Fresno–Back to Caching

We have been quietly thinking about placing a few caches lately.  While we were in Elkhart we place a small Altoids tin cache in front of the RV/MH Hall of Fame.  Thus far it has been found 13 times and 10 Travel Bugs have been traded there.  That is a pretty active cache and we are thrilled that people have visited this great  RV’ing Museum. At that time we also were notified that 2 of our caches in Fresno had gone missing.  As soon as we got back to Fresno we check on Lean on Me #1 and found it was still there.  This is a picture of that Lean Rail designed by Julie, our very talented granddaughter.

Julie's leanrail sm

We checked out Lean on Me #3 and it was indeed missing so we replaced it, but this time across the street because the “Muggle” factor was too great.  That means there are just too many non-cachers that are hanging around that could take the cache when they see it being found.

CIMG9682Lean Rail #3

Remember, in our last blog we learned about the Merci Train.

We looked up the California train and placed a cache, “Forty and Eight”, there.  It has been found 4 times.  We told the story of this interesting piece of history for the cachers in Fresno.


During this caching activity, we got on line and ordered several different kinds cache containers.  We place a very unique cache container right in front of our old house.  It was a pretty tricky cache and we labeled it a 3, 5 being the hardest and 1 being the easiest.  We were pretty excited when a local cacher, Dr. A, came to find it and  left this log, “ Buford1 and I got to the cache site and I thought it was going to be a quick grab, but it turned out I was fooled. So we searched and searched. "B" from T&BnaRV came out to find out who was looking for the cache, and also very nicely shared a pathtag with each of us. I was focusing in on something that I thought might be the cache, but Buford1 was afraid I might do something wrong and so convinced me to be cautious. Finally I went and got a hint from the RV, and it turned out I was right on track, so got to gloat a little bit to Buford 1! This is a very creative cache container, and I'm giving it a favorite point- in fact the first favorite point I've awarded! Thanks for a great night caching FTF with a super cool container. #2405”.  This from a cacher that we have admired her cache ‘hides’ and her impressive ‘finds’, 2,405, for a couple of years.  If you want to check out the information on “Eastside Connection”, check it out, but I can't show the picture because it would give it away.

Another activity we went to was the placing of an Eagle Scout project by McKenzie, the son of friends, Don and Michele.  He did all the research, planning and building of the recycling bin for the Ronald McDonald House in Fresno.  His story even appeared on the front page of the Life section of the Fresno Bee.  We were so proud of McKenzie and this great supportive family

We took Mom to Chukchansi Casino Buffet to have dinner with our friends, Cool Judy and Luke Rinehimer.  We traded stories, laughed, ate until we couldn’t eat any more and practically closed the buffet.  It is such fun meeting up with fellow RV’ers.  Judy and I have worked together on Smart Phone and Geocaching Workshops.  Even though some times we don’t see each other for many months we just seem to pick up where we left off like no time has even passed.   We just love the closeness of our RV friends.

We were also busy with the usual Doctor’s appointment and lab visits.  We had some work done on the Jeep, and just the usual daily ‘stuff’ that keeps us busy when we visit Fresno like helping with computer challenges of friends and family.  Though we were pretty busy following the Big Fresno Fair, we were getting a serious case of “Hitch Itch”, so last Friday we left Fresno and traveled to the Santa Maria.  We are staying at the SM Elks Lodge, a very nice full hook-up on a paved pad.  This conveniently places us between Solvang and Pismo so we can take day trips in the Jeep. 

We have been caching and eating and even met for lunch with our Special Quest friend, Deborah.  Stay tuned for pictures of our coastal adventures in the next blog.

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