Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Again, but only for a short visit

Sometimes I write a blog to let everyone know where we are and what we are doing.  Other times I write a blog to help me remember what I we did.  This is one of the second kinds of blogs so if this is not your cup of tea, check in next time.

We were in a hurry to get back to Fresno to get some work done on the RV, update some medical prescriptions, get some banking done… just mundane stuff.  The best part of coming back to Fresno was spending time with our family.
When we arrived, hungry and hot, from the desert we were greeted by Granddaughter, Julie, and her boyfriend, Claudio.  Julie has been a loyal employee of Chipotle and Claudio now works there as he waits to join a fire department or ambulance company.  Those kids know how to order the special dishes.
It did not take us long to hit the road again, this time to the Golden Spike Rally in Carson City.  We had a great three days but no rest. This was our agenda:  
From the day we arrived at the Gold Dust Casino RV Parking area we were busy.  The next day started early with a light breakfast then we carpooled the short distance to Mills Park to ride the 24” gauge open air train.
Then a delicious lunch, trip to the Nevada No. RR museum.
The car on the left proved to be a very special discovery. It was one of 49 antique box cars filled with many treasures, china, jewelry, dolls, art work, etc.,  sent to the United States in 1949 by the people of France to thank the US for their generosity following WWII.  These box cars, called “Forty and Eights” because they carried 48 equipped soldiers or 8 horses.  In 1947 the people of the US had sent 700 hundred box cars filled with food, shoes, and clothing to help the people of Europe following the horrific occupation by the Nazis. While we were visiting this museum we asked where the California car was and were told, “Fresno”.  Boy, we made plans to look that up when we got back to Fresno.
Following the museum tour we had a ride on the 1926 Edwards Streetcar. 

We finished the day at Reds Old 395 Grill with a scrumptious dinner and an amazing decor.

Sunday we again carpooled to the Virginia &Truckee East Gate RR Depot to ride up to Virginia City.
This is our Golden Spike Club. 

We laughed at the hilarious Out House Races with entries like The Flapper Crapper, and The Urinator –a tribute to Arnold.

We were again stuffed by the time we left the Red Dog Saloon.

THEN that evening we ate again at the OleOle at the Casino. Who says Golden Spikers do not know where to find good food?
After all that fun, food and friends, we were on our way back to Fresno to work in the Floriculture Department at the Big Fresno Fair.  Our daughter, Jennifer, is the Superintendent of that department. There are a lot of plants and flowers shown in Floriculture: Orchids, Cactus, Green plants and every day a different group of flowers are brought to the building starting at 6:45 am.  Every day of the fair, daughter-in-law, Olivia, and I would greet those early rising gardeners, register the entries and help the judges by  logging their results.  It was a long 13 work days, but also lots of fun. To see a fun blog on the fair, check out granddaughter, Julie’s, blog, 
This is getting pretty long and I still want to tell you about our latest caching adventures, the “Forty and eight” and the “Eastside Connection”, so stay tuned.  The next blog will not be delayed as long as this one.  Currently, we are spending the week in Santa Maria, CA, so I’ll have time to tell you all about it.   So until next time, we are still caching on the road.

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