Saturday, January 21, 2012

What can you count on?

The one thing you can count on as an RV’er is weather… changing!  And change it did. Today.  For the last several days we have had perfect weather. In fact everyone was commenting on how perfect the weather was. Sunny, warm but not hot during the day, and cool but not freezing at night. No wind. UNTIL today! Now we are being buffeted by winds from the south. We are cozy though. Tom – reading his Kindle, and me – on the computer or Xoom.

The wonderful view out our front window.  It is so nice and close to the fire pit/Happy Hour area too.


We came to Quartzsite last Tuesday and have been busy ever since.  We have heard talks on genealogy, and on batteries and solar panels.  We have participated in a talk on geocaching.  We go to Happy Hour at 4 each day.  Pam and Steve Ritchie do the announcements.


We went to the Chili Cook-off yesterday


and drove into Parker on Thursday. We even stopped by the Escapee Happy Hour to see Sharon and Don Del Rosario and Dennis Hill.  All in all, we have not been bored.  Tom even finished Redfield Farm and really enjoyed it.  We got a nice surprise this week when our friend Cool Judy and Luke Rinehimer were free to travel and came in just in time for Happy Hour last night.

This morning Tom cooked breakfast and I just enjoyed it.  Blueberry waffles with real butter and Vermont maple syrup.  What a nice start to a weekend.  Too bad the wind came up.  Now if it will only die down, maybe we can get some caching in.  That’s all for now.

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