Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bye bye Boomerville, Hello Plomosa

We have had a great time this last week in Boomerville, a piece of BLM land 1.5 miles on a dirt road south of Quartzsite.  Some of the things that we have been doing all week are:  we attended a session on Smart Phones. Cool Judy Rinehimer and I probably did more than our share of contributing – but everyone seemed appreciative.  I guess we just love our Droids and think everyone should own one.Rolling on the floor laughing  I also went to a session on tablets.  We have a Xoom, Sue Pace has a Tab, others have I-pads, Galaxies, and some in the group we just thinking about buying a tablet.  We sure learned a lot from each other; I guess that is the best reason that Boomers get together.
Boomers are so generous with their knowledge and expertise, and also generous with their dollars.  One of the activities that we participated in was the CARE auction.  I was able to put together an Excel program to track the bids and payments made at the auction.  There were cheese cakes, hand carved walking sticks, embroidered towels, and lots of other donated stuff.  We collected over $2,800 for the CARE facility in Livingston, TX.
We got to know some of our fellow Boomers at a Z-circle.  When there are over 130 rigs it is hard to meet everyone.  A Z-circle helps us meet new people.  Three to four couples get together for 45 minutes to discuss our RV’ing life style and get to know each other better.  After the 45 minutes, that goes way too fast, the couples move to another table with 3 completely different couples for another 45 minute round of talking.  There are 4 rounds of meeting together.  Tina the Turtle joined our table and enjoyed herself.  To read about Tina and Ted the traveling Turtles, check out their blog. 
Every afternoon at 4 pm the whole group gets together for announcements, snacks, and sometimes other activities, like dancing.  That is Ken & Sue Pace dancing to ‘their song’. Then there was line dancing, too,
Every evening at 6:30 pm we gather at Ken & Sue Pace’s RV for “Pace Theater”.  A slide show is shown by one of the group about their travels,  We saw shows on Newfoundland & Labrador, Panama Canal, Burning Man and a show given by Tom (can’t remember his last name) who flies an experimental 2 seat plane that looks like an ultra-light. He flew over us almost every day taking pictures.
He also showed some awesome pictures of mountains in Oregon and Utah, wild animals, and of course Quartzsite.  When he can fly 200 to 11,000 feet above the earth, he got some amazing images. In the picture below of Boomerville, our rig is in the center, just to the right of the fire pit.
Boomerville from the air 2
Today we dumped our tanks, filled our water tank and moved to Plomosa Rd, 5 miles north of Quartzsite on Hwy 95, to get parked for the SKP Geocacher BOF (Bird of Feather) rally starting tomorrow and the Cache Evert Tuesday.   We then drove up to Parker for some shopping, laundry and a delicious BBQ lunch.
Then it was back to the SKP Geocacher rally site to get acquainted with some of the cachers who have arrived early. Currently there are 10 rigs here. We expect about 40 RV’s before the end of Sunday. That’s all for now. I better get rested up for the next 4 days, so nighty night for now.

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