Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last night I set a personal record… NOT eating an entire 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, NOT winning 1896 games of Spider Solitaire out of 5417 (a win percentage of 35%), I visited the bathroom over 10 times between 11:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.! What’s up with that?  I might have something to do with the fact that last night I drank a 24 oz. glass of diet cola that Tom made for me with our new SodaStream machine that makes all kinds of delicious soda on demand.  We never run out of Cola, Orange, Root Beer or any of 10 different flavors we have – no cans, no storing 6 packs, 12 or 24 packs of different kinds of soft drinks any more.  It might also have to do with drinking a big glass of diet soda last night while having dinner at the Moose Lodge with Cool Judy and Luke Rinehimer and friends.  And it also might have to do with drinking a bottle of Joint Juice as I got into bed to down my pills.  All I know is THIS HAS GOT TO STOP: I need my beauty sleep.

The last week has just flown by.  I was part of the Admin Team for the SKP Geocaching BOF (Birds of Feather – special interest groups in the Escapee organization) that met for the 3rd annual rally in Quartzsite.  That’s Sky Renfro, Cool Judy Rinehimer, Sue Pace and me. We are waiting for the registration to begin.


We had a group of about 120 RV’ers participate this year.  We had sessions for Newbies as well as the Old Pros.  We shared the kinds of things we have in our Cache Bags, we shared tricks of hiding and finding caches, we played several caching games like Geo Bingo, Abbreviation Quiz, and Place your stick (closest to the Cache Marker), I did the GSAK 101 session twice in our rig with the computer tethered to the big screen RV.


We shared “discoverable” Travel Bugs and Coins; some are vehicles, some people and some that are things that people collect.



There were lots of caches around the area where we were parked at mile marker 2 on Plomosa Road.


When it was finally over, we were pretty pooped, so the Admin Team went out to dinner at the Quartzsite Yacht Club. Don’t ask me why there is a Yacht Club in the middle of the dessert with no bodies of water anywhere around. There’s a story here somewhere.


After the Rally was over we went caching.  We did the Old Yuma Road Run and Tom found this cache very cool.

We also did the SKP Run that had been set out for the Rally. It was an off road run and we had a good time

We were almost the last ones at the Rally Site when we left for Lake Havasu City and Cattail Cove State Park.


This is where we will stay until after the Western Pyrotechnic Assn.’s Winter Blast event over President’s Day Weekend.


So far while here at Cattail Cove we have watched the quail run, read, eaten dinner out, filled Tom’s CO2 canister, and had pedicures. Not too much to talk about, but the quail are worth a final picture.


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