Saturday, February 25, 2012

Even when I’m busy, I feel lazy

Boy does the time fly by when we are busy.  And it seems that we have been real busy lately, too lazy to blog Open-mouthed smile.  First, I find myself doing some computer work on the road. I love it, in fact I’m thinking of hanging out a shingle saying, “Will fix computers for Food”; sort of like the “Will work for food” signs we see at stop signs.  I’m thinking of this because I have now fixed dinner 3, did I actually say 3, nights in a row.  We’re talking about another new record here folks!  What’s up with this? This has got to stop. Oh wait, Nick Russell is in town and we know what that means: weather changes and dinner out.  I love it when we meet up with Nick and Terry, Jan and Greg because we find the yummiest places to eat in Yuma. Note: I think we will still have good weather, or so the weatherman is reporting, so maybe the Nick Curse is finally broken.

Back to reporting on our latest adventures since leaving Quartzsite.  We made the quick drive up SR 95 to Cattail Cove SP, near Lake Havasu, AZ. We just love this park. The rangers are the best, friendliest, and most accommodating we have met, the views fantastic, and many of our RV friends also camp here: CoolJudy and Luke, Theta and Gerry, and Margie Rogers  (Goosygal). This year we camped in Space 60 with a clear view of the Amphitheater and the clear view of Lake Havasu AZ and the hundreds of quail.  They match the color of the terrain so you cannot make them out up on the mountain, but I got some pictures of them walking by our front window.


In Lake Havasu City, we ate out – a lot, did laundry – a lot, and cached – not so much.  The real reason we come to Lake Havasu is because the Western Pyrotechnics Assn., WPA, holds its ‘Winter Blast’ fireworks celebration here each President’s Day Weekend.  It is 3 nights of fantastic fireworks.  Even though we thought other years’ displays were better, they are still the best you will ever see.  What made this year even more special is my Mom and our daughter, Jennifer, who is a member of WPA and a professional Pyrotechnic, came from Fresno and stayed with us.  That’s Mom between Tom & I.


Since this is the highlight of our time in Lake Havasu I’ll bore you with way too many pictures – I just love fireworks.

In between the fireworks show we did do some touristy things like visit the London Bridge.


Did you know that each of the stones on the bridge are numbered, just like a jigsaw puzzle so when the bridge was moved from London to Lake Havasu it could be reconstructed just right.


Also, did you know that to detour crime against the crown in England, men and women who spoke against the ruling monarch could be drawn and quartered, beheaded and their heads were posted (that’s right, on a post!) at the entrance to the London Bridge for all to see. A display with information on the beheading of each offender is in the Mall in Lake Havasu next to the Bridge.



We also visited the Queen Anne Carriage Reproduction at the Resort near the Bridge.


After 14 fun filled, busy days we left for Yuma to prepare for the Gypsy Journal Yuma Rally which will start in a very short 8 days. Whew, I’d better get cracking on the 4 sessions that I have a responsibility for. For now We are On the Road Again Caching Places that We’ve Never Been.

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