Sunday, April 1, 2012

The beautiful part of Texas

We left Las Cruces, on to Balmorhea, then stayed in Junction.  That part of our trip was mostly dry, desert-like landscapes, and not too interesting.  So there were very few pictures taken.
But then we started into the Hill country of Texas.  The wildflowers were profuse.  When talking to the locals in Johnson City, they said the flowers were more gorgeous than they had been in years because of the early rain then the heat, then more rain.  We have rarely had a more beautiful ride for so many miles.  These are just a few of the landscapes we were privileged to enjoy.
We checked into the Brenham, TX, Elks Lodge #979. We are parked on the lawn next to the Lodge and plan to stay for several days.  One of the reasons we are sticking around is because we have a broken window regulator that moves the Jeep’s window up and down. It has been pretty tricky opening the passenger door with the inside panel only taped to the door.  In fact as I am the primary driver of the Jeep, I have to get out and open the door for Tom; not that I mind, but it looks a little strange now days.  The other reasons we are extending our stay is because there is lots to see, great places to eat, and of course this is where the Blue Bell Ice Cream plant is.
Our first stop the next day was Blue Bell.  Even Tina visited.
There are no cameras allowed on the tour, but we got a few pictures around the plant and in the lobby. 
When waiting for our tour to begin we looked at the many pictures depicting the history of Blue Bell.  It started as the Brenham Creamery. They first bought the excess product from local dairies and made premium butter.  They then expanded to ice cream. Word spread by the locals that this was the best ice cream made.  Blue Bell name was chosen because that was the favorite flower of the wife of the owner.  The history was interesting, but even more interesting was this picture of Debra Westerfield opening each Oreo cookie package individually. I knew there must be a strong Westerfield connection to Blue Bell.
2012-03-30_14-48-35_149We had lunch at a local sandwich shop, Must be Heaven, and the lunch was outstanding.  I had broccoli cheese soup so I would have room to share a piece of pie. Tom’s BLT had 10, count them, 10 pieces of bacon, of course tomatoes, lettuce and Texas thick sliced wheat bread.

We took a ride out to the Texas State Park, Washington on the Brazos. This was the birthplace of Texas.  We got there just as the museum was closing, so decided we would go back.
Back at the Elks lodge we decided to eat their Friday night dinner, $12 for steak, fish or shrimp dinner with Hush Puppies, including salad, and baked potato.  Complimentary drinks.  It just doesn’t get much better.
Today we ordered the part for the Jeep and will pick it up tomorrow, so after Tom installs the window regulator and motor, we should be back to normal.  This was one of the nicest, most comprehensive museums we have been to.  The attention to details in every display was excellent.  Again, we learned more about Texas the independent republic and then a state.
On our way back to the Elks we passed some more gorgeous displays of wildflowers.
Flowers and fence postFlowers and TreeFlowers in yard 2Flowers in yard 3Flowers in yard
Bedtime for the Westerfields.  Tomorrow we will be On the Road Again fixing the Jeep and maybe going to the Lavender Farms.

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  1. The flower pictures are beautiful. I hope all your troubles are behind you. Safe travels.

    Margie Maloney


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