Saturday, April 7, 2012

A visit to the Bush Presidential Museum

Backing up from our last blog sent to ease the concerns of our family and friends who were following the weather events of last week in Texas, I would like to finish telling of our last day in Brenham.  We had been driving around with the window on the passenger side of the Jeep taped up and the door panel off since the window regulator broke in Los Cruces.  We got on line and found a window regulator and motor for $125 less than the Jeep Parts Store sold it for.  However, it had to be ordered.  It took only a day to get it into the store in College Station.  Last Sunday we drove to College Station and noticed the GHW Bush (#41) Presidential Library as we passed by.  So we picked up the Jeep part, had lunch and went to the Library.

Barbara in Front of the LibraryTom addressing the Nation

All of the Presidential Libraries we have visited have been very interesting and this was no exception.  There was lots of history of the time when the First Bush was president, personal stories about the family and quite a bit about Barbara Bush as well.

We spent about 4 hours at the library and then returned to the Brenham Elks where we were parked.  The next day Tom tackled the replacing of the window regulator.  It went together with no problems.  Now days you can Google how to fix a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulator and lo and behold you can see a YouTube video exactly how it is done.


While Tom was working outside, I was organizing inside. First, we have too many cups. And I had to pack all the winter clothes away and get out the summer clothes.




Now I don’t have to buy any clothes for a while as it seems like I have a lot of new things. I even found a pair of shoes I forgot I had.



We sure had a nice spot at the Elks and met a lot of nice Elks at the Lodge.  There was even a pasture of sheep next door.  We were sorry to leave, but we had been there almost a week and it was time to move on.

P1020621Brenham Elks

Our next stop was Tyler.  As we traveled along some beautiful flower filled roadside areas we were watching the weather and saw that Dallas was in a bad spot for tornados. Our last blog told how we were very fortunate to not be in the line of tornados.  After the storm we have stayed a week in Tyler. We have had beautiful weather, seen so much history, eaten at some fabulous places and had so much fun.  We even got a couple of caches, but more about that week in our next blog. Until then…………….  T&BnaRV with Pansy

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