Sunday, May 27, 2012

A busy two weeks

I can hardly believe that 2 weeks have passed since our last blog, I have been pretty busy, flying to Las Vegas, back to Atlanta, down to Savannah area, and visiting Charleston, Savannah, and Hilton Head, SC. 

Las Vegas

Phone of the yearLet me begin with my trip to celebrate granddaughter Julie’s 21st birthday.  I would like to say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I’ll share just a little of the fun we had.  The party began on Friday when I landed and Julie, her boyfriend, Claudio, and Melissa (high school friend of Julie) picked me up at the airport.  The next morning we went to Circus Circus for Krispy Cream donuts (that stays in Vegas)!  We then walked over to browse the shops in the Venetian and I had my first and only drink to celebrate Julie’s birthday.  The 4 of us shared a Bloody Mary.  That was the first Bloody Mary that Julie, Claudio, and Melissa had ever had. 


CIMG0046We rode the bus from our hotel to the Bellagio and then back to get the car to pick up my sister, Janet, who flew in from Portland.  Then daughter, Jenny, granddaughter, Jamie, and my Mom arrived in Jenny’s new car. We were now a party of 8.  We road the bus back to Bellagio to see the water show, the Botanical Gardens, and some shops.  Some of our group did get to know some really strange Characters while on the streets of Vegas. As you can see Julie is cracking up (left), Jamie is quite impressed (middle), and mom, 91 years old is pretty overwhelmed (right).


The group’s decision was to go by bus to Fremont Street. It was a super show, not only the light show on the ceiling, but the show put on by the characters on the street.  Jamie even enjoyed being fooled by a street magician. She was flabbergasted to find that the playing card the magician placed between her 2 hands had somehow moved to his jacket pocket. 

Julie, Claudio, Melissa, and Jamie stayed to party on Fulton while the older 3 generations, ages 46 to 91 went back to the hotel at 11:30 p.m.

Saturday the “older 3 generations” went to breakfast and were joined by the the “X” generation with the rules for a game Julie had created, A Photo Scavenger Hunt.  As I don’t have the winner’s (generation “X”) pictures, I will share a couple of the loser’s pictures. They are 1) a famous sign, 2) a girl in a bikini, 3) Movable statues, 4) a man wearing socks and sandals, 5) 21 under lights, and 6) a picture of a rollercoaster.  Most of these were disqualified. Surprised smile


Saturday evening we had a fabulous dinner celebration at D.O.C.G. in the Cosmopolitan. Did a little risk-taking at the slots and ended our evening at the Tapas in the Cosmopolitan. Julie and Jenny had only recently returned from Spain and were our guides to enjoying Tapas.

Monday I made it through security and boarded a plane for the fourth time in a  little over a week. It was a whirlwind weekend, but one I will not forget.  Julie and I had planned this 21st birthday in Las Vegas since she traveled with us for 2 months following her high school graduation.  One more year and she will graduate from CSU,Fresno. 


Next blog… Back in Atlanta and on to Savannah.

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