Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hermitage Plans

Friday morning we had to move the RV as someone had reservations for our space.  We had even moved yesterday for the same reason. So we had stayed in Spaces 36, 60 and now 40.  40 was now our favorite.  Just look at our view.
We had planned on visiting the Hermitage, but that was before getting our parking ticket last night.  We had to decide if we would drive into Nashville to see what to do about the $40 ticket or call someone to see what we should do.  I looked at the information I had about the company issuing the ticket.  I called.
OOPS.  That was the number of the towing company. The man I talked to and explained we had paid for parking but did not put the ticket on the dash… blah blah blah blah. He interrupted me, very Southern-like, said, “Mame, I am only the tow truck driver, the number you want to call is on the back on the ticket.”  I was red-faced, but he couldn’t see it over the phone. 
I called the number on the ticket and talked to Nichole, also a very nice Southern-like lady. I explained 1) we bought the ticket, 2) we were still there at 9:24, 3) I had the ticket and the receipt and these pictures proving our car was the one ticketed still parked late last night,
Nichole told us to put the receipt in with the ticket and mail the envelop that the ticket came it.  Bottom line cost – 1 Freedom .42 stamp.  We began our day in much better spirits as we left for The Hermitage.

We drove across the J Percy Priest Dam that creates the beautiful lake at Seven Points Campground then down to the bottom of the dam for some more pictures.

It is a short drive to The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson.
We decided to spend the $15 each for Senior tickets (since saving $40 on a parking ticket) to tour the grounds, see the museum, and use the self-guided recording system.  I loved the heirloom roses, the peonies, annuals and blooming trees.
Even this little rabbit enjoyed the gardens. P1040567P1040570

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the Hermitage House. The costumed guides explained how this house with 6 bedrooms usually had upwards of 18 house guests that included Jackson, his wife and children, his son and his wife, children and sister-in-law family, friends who happen to be visiting, and sometimes foster children.  When you added 6-8 household slaves, It was a very busy household. 
There were over 40 listening stations around the grounds and inside the museum.  We ended our day at The Hermitage by seeing a movie on Jackson, a very complex slave holder, democrat, President, and the term he wanted to be known as, General.
President Jackson and his beloved wife, Rachael, are buried here.  On Jackson’s grave stone it only says, General Andrew Jackson, his birth date and death date.  On Rachael’s grave stone there are lines and lines of poetry.
Rachael only lived 8 years at The Hermitage and died just before Jackson took office.  She was distraught over the Washington Society who belittled her and spread rumors about her and the Jackson’s controversial marriage.  To read more about this interesting piece of history check this site.
President Jackson loved her and never got over her death.

We were so hungry so chose Famous Dave’s and we did not leave hungry!  We looked up a geocache on my new phone and got it!  We were home by 8:00 p.m. 
Another great day around Nashville.  If I were not flying out of Atlanta, we would definitely be staying here a lot longer. 

We left Seven Points this morning and drove 3 1/2 hours to Adairsville, GA.  We are staying at Leisure Time RV Park, a Passport America campground.  $17 for full hookup and a great clean shower for Tom.  The shower is 10 feet from our rig.  The owner holds a Bible study church service in the morning so we will go before moving to our next stop, High Falls State Park outside Atlanta.  Until our next blog, we’ll be On The Road Again, Caching Places We’ve Never Been.

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