Monday, January 14, 2013

I know, I know

When my friends and regular bloggers, Dan Change and Nancy Kissack reminded me this morning that it has been over a month since I checked in to the blogging world, I was ‘guilted’ into getting back in the groove; after all I did promise I would do better.  I just don’t know how the time flies by; it seems like just last week or so that I did a blog. 

Well, it has been a busy end of the year and this will be a catch-up blog. 

We got back to Fresno and were treated to a wonderful play, Wagons West, put on by our local elementary school. This was another outstanding theater production that is put each year. Our daughter, Jennifer, has for many years made the costumes for the kids. Even though Granddaughter, Julie graduates from college, Jenny made her costume when Julie was in 6th grade. That’s Julie on the left and this years ‘school marm’ on the right.


The kids do an outstanding job and we expect to see one of them on Broadway on day just like Audra McDonald, a Fresno girl.


We celebrated Thanksgiving in Fresno at Mom’s house.  Boy was it good. This is  left to right, SIL-Greg, GD-Jamie, Julie’s BF-Claudio, GD-Julie, SIL-NanCy, D-Julie, Mom, and Niece, Denise.


The day after Thanksgiving we drove to the Coast and stayed in Lompoc at the Elks Lodge and drove to Ventura for Cousin Bob’s Son, Greg’s and Anna’s wedding. It was a wonderful time with all our Westerfield relatives.


I did have one very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction occur on the way to the wedding.  I put on my Clark shoes when leaving Lompoc, but when we arrived in Ventura they had split wide open… totally unwearable. So this is what I had to wear, Tom’s shoes.2013-01-04_12-16-17_641P1100194

We loved the Pismo Beach area for the rest of the week especially the extreme high and low tides we saw.


We enjoyed the very friendly pelicans on the pier, too.

Then before you know it it was time to get ready for Christmas.  We spent time with the family, shopped, took family Santa pictures and had a fabulous Christmas morning breakfast.





For Christmas this year I decided to knit some hats.

I even knit a couple for me… I know it will be cold in Q this year.


We’ve had a couple of challenges with the RV and most are getting fixed.  Tom and Jason pulled the awning off and we had it restitched. Then Tom and I put it back up. When they pulled it down it was so cold they had to use the hair dryer to melt the ice that wouldn’t let the fabric unroll.


We left for the WMHA Rally in Indio on Jan 5, stopping in Boron for the night, and continuing to LaQuinta and the Sam;’s Club parking lot the next day. Jenny and Greg, Scruffy and Sampson gave us a big sendoff as we left.


Tom has been the Conductor (president) of the Golden Spike Chapter for the last 2 years in spite of being promised that he would never have to hold an office again. So turning over the Conductor Hat and President’s plaque to Kurt Simon was a very happy event. 


We gathered for our annual group chapter picture and also served ice cream only one day due to a mess up with ordering the ice cream.  Fortunately it was so cold missing ice cream for one day wasn’t too bad.



The rally entertainment this year was very good: Doo Wop, Blue Grass / Jazz and the final night, a tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John.




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